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It is not important to do everything perfectly but make an effort everyday and keep pushing yourself (Custom & Personalised Vegan Tote Bag with Initials)

Custom Bespoke Personalised Handbag Tote with Initials Cotton Canvas Hand Painted

My blog is dedicated to inspiring you and myself to a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.
I have always felt a very close connection to all living, nature and to our wonderful Mother Earth
and observed how true nature works almost always in complete harmony.
With me growing up and uncovering the truth about the ones in power using our Earth for their benefits and pockets and people who take consumerism as the new normal and unknowingly in that way support the demise of our world is heartbreaking to me.
That is why I try to find easy tips and tricks on how to live a more harmonious life in the easiest way possible. Often many tips and tricks can be found if we ask our grandparents how they were raised as they often have very beneficial life lessons and life tricks on how to live better.
In my journey, I have saved a lot of emissions, pollutants (plastic, toxic waste), and money which I could invest in other ways in life (health insurance, charities, and saving towards a property of my dreams).

Unfortunately, I have one BIG BIG BIG weakness which I have not been able to fully control and that is my dearest readers.....drum rolls......Handbags!
Especially unique, timeless, and practical one like this custom and hand-painted bag with initials.
Yes, I know, it is not very conscious of me and I have stopped buying them almost all together sourcing only pre-owned items but I have always dreamt about a personalized handbag which I felt so guilty to even consider to own one, but I have come to the conclusion, that we can not seek perfection in life and as long as we keep pushing ourself, educating ourself and making an effort to be better, we still can allow ourself to keep our passions (at a regulated rate).

I would like to introduce my gorgeous new vegan and cruelty-free canvas cotton tote with my personalised initials! I had it personalised from both sides. different design (in order to have 2 different styles but only using one bag to save materials and natural resources) and I have taken it on all of my essential errands during the lockdown and can not wait to start to use it more often after the World will resume into a more normal state or a new normal state.
Custom Bespoke Personalised Handbag Tote with Initials Cotton Canvas Hand Painted
This is the handpainted detail on the other side of the bag 🥰

I wanted to share this with you as we can sometimes be too hard on ourself and when it is good to push ourselves and try to always be better today than yesterday we can still fulfill our dreams and passions. If we think a little outside the box there can even be some ideas on how to , have our cake and eat it,. In my case, I decided to pick a bag which I knew I would REALLY use and benefit from (I use cotton tote bags but wanted a larger bag so I could fit in more items, one with a zipped compartment to keep my valuables and one with a large zip to keep all the items safe and for them not to be able to fall out).

Custom Bespoke Personalised Handbag Tote with Initials Cotton Canvas Hand Painted
Fits all your daily essentials 

If you want to visit the website for all hand-painted items:
Or the Etsy shop where you can have them made bespoke and hand-painted and you can support a small business that way, too, which is always a plus: Monogrammed4You on Etsy

I wonder if you also have some passions in life which make your sustainability goals harder to achieve?

Thank you for reading. :)


  1. LOVE the bag! Super cute! Hoping you are doing well during the COVID-19! Be well and stay safe!

  2. This is super nice.

  3. This cotton tote is so so gorgeous and even more perfect it has your initials on it :) I love the personalisation and the fact that it's vegan and cruelty-free. The design is so eye-catchingly pretty and stylish. Love! Your words are so uplifting and well needed, thank you for all the encouragement and for making the world a better place ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. That handbag look perfect. I like it because it is so big and can fit a lot of things.

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  5. What a cute bag!


  6. That bag look perfect. I like is so much.

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