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TOP 12 Best Eco-friendly Gift ideas (creative and affordable minimalist gifts)

Top Eco-friendly git ideas

This list of eco-friendly gift ideas has been long in the making as I wanted to make sure all the items would truly be appreciated by the lucky receiver. 

 1. Personalised steel bottle (I love personalised items)
   Personalised cotton tote bag (a great idea is to use the bag as your wrapping)

2. Cooking apron made of natural fibres (to protect your clothes from bad staining)
    Steel and wooden cooking utensils 
    A pretty steel compost tin (perfect to use as your wrapping, too, and fill it with other small 
    Pretty vegan kitchen wax wraps
   Organic bamboo cutting board 
   Cloth strainer to make homemade plant-based milk (with a package of yummy organic nuts - 
    hazelnut is my favourite)

3. Pre-owned jewellery you know the recipient will love 

4. Subscriptions for music or movies (documentaries) 

5. Persons favourite wine, spirits or food, favourite coffee (just make sure they recycle the 
    bottles ;) )

6. Vitamins or supplements the person is already taking 

7. Give your time. Invite the person for some fun together they love (concert tickets, cinema, 
    theatre, train trip, spa experience, workshop, ....)

8. A green plant which will serve as an air purifier, decoration and mood booster (aloe vera, 
   for example, has many skin benefits, too)

9. Cleaning services (my mum would love these)

10. Charity or animal sanctuary donations in the person's name 

11. Vouchers with things you will do for the person (clean for them, cook for them, create something for them based on your talents ((repair something in their home, create a website for them, edit photos, write down your recipes, create or sing a song,....)) ). 

12. Something unique the person would not think of getting themself or do not know how (this year I gifted my fiance a jumper in a colour he really wanted to have but it did not exist so I re-coloured it, he gifted me with a USB full of my favourite type of music he had collected himself and I did not know existed - to us, those were the perfect gifts!)

I hope this helped you to think a little outside of the box and you now have the perfect gift ideas for each of your lucky friends and family. 

Please share your ideas, too. :)

PRO TIP: please, try as well to think outside of the box while packaging your gift (try to use items you already have) or pack it in recycled paper or for example kitchen towels for the house proud. I like decorative bags which can be reused for many, many, many years and if you tie it nice it still gives that special feeling of unwrapping.

PRO TIP: If you feel confident try to pack your items using to tape. Mother Earth will thank you and you will see it is not that hard as it sounds (good to have something heavy on hand ((book or so) as weight and the tape free packaging will be much easier. :) 

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