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Miracle All-purpose homemade and non-toxic cleaning spray (orange infused vinegar) recipe

Growing up in a safe and clean country which valued its nature above most of the things in life I have always been a firm hater of toxic and harsh cleaners. I however always stayed clear from vinegar as I can not stand the smell. It must be on of the worst smells I know (and I have experienced some stinky situations owning a dog, helping to raise my siblings and loved to play in mud and dirt as a child, well, love it even till today).

This all-purpose cleaner does an amazing job on taps (leave them shinier than my previous eco-cleaners), mirrors, countertops, bathrooms, glass and much more. 
PLEASE NOTE: do not use on marble, wood and leather as this cleaner could damage these materials.

You will need: 

leftover peels from oranges or clementines 
bottle of vinegar (choose an easily recycled material, ideally glass) 


Place both ingredients in an airtight jar. Make sure you fill it as much as possible. 
Close the jar and let it ,marinate, for 2-6 weeks. 

After 2-6 weeks. Strain the vinegar from the peels and make a solution of 1:1 of your orange-infused vinegar and water. Put into an old and recycled spray bottle. 
Use as an all-purpose cleaner. 


Store ideally in a dark cool place.
Will last you for months (you will easily use it up faster than it would spoil). 
You can even use your orange-infused vinegar for cooking (I used mine during the wintertime to flavour my braised cabbage and it tasted wonderful)!

What is your best eco-friendly cleaning tip/hack recipe? 


  1. I need to try this out thanks for the recipe!


  2. Thank you for your kind words, yes, it works wonders and I adore it!
    Feels so clean and toxic-free now :)