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How to sponsor/adopt a turkey for Christmas or Thanksgiving (2020 cruelty-free animal New Years resolution)

How to sponsor or adopt a turkey

IKEA is leading the way this Christmas to bring cruelty-free Christmas meals to the masses and raising awareness to this topic on a massive scale. 

Many of us are making changes to strive to live a more healthy, eco-friendly and cruelty-free life. If you decide to do only small swaps at the Christmas dinner (swapping goose fat in your potatoes for vegetable oils and vegan butter ((I have a recipe here on the blog for a delicious version)) and swapping your organic butter for a vegan organic version or doing it the full way of going fully vegan and cruelty-free, there is still a way where you can make an impact. 

There are millions (probably billions) of turkeys who are living a hell of life only to be chopped up and baked in the oven for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. 
Unfortunately, we can not save them all but think of the enormous impact if we helped or saved one turkey each (there are over 8 billion people on this earth). 

See links below o different organisations who rescue, help and care for turkeys. 
Be their hero today. It will make a wonderful addition to the annual Christmas table speech to include that you actually helped to save a life. 



20 GBP to sponsor a  turkey 

Help towards a turkey from only 3 GBP

Donation from as little as 2 GBP (leave in the comment that your donation is towards their turkey flock)

Any donation highly appreciated

10 GBP donation towards the care of turkeys and other animals on the farm 
(rescuing over 25 years!)

Sponsor Asha from 10 GBP


50 USD for a one-year sponsorship of a turkey 

50 USD for a one-year sponsorship of a turkey 

50 - 250 USD donations 

from 12 USD for a donation towards a turkey

sponsor a turkey for 35 USD or for 150 USD you can sponsor a whole flock!

As a bonus, I added 2 animal sanctuaries which are very close to my heart. 
One is located in Spain and the other in Denmark. The owners are siblings originally from the UK but each having a sanctuary of their own with hundreds of animals. They are working day and night to save any animal who is in need and are always thankful for any gift or donation.



On behalf of all the turkeys and animals, I thank you.

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