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Easy and delicious vegan fusion pasta recipe (spicy garlic with sauce)

Quick vegan fusion garlic pasta recipe

There are days when we want to put forward wonderful meals even a Stepford wife would be jealous of and then there are days we just want to fill our cravings with something, quick, comforting using ingredients we have at home. This keeper of a recipe falls to the latter but you are most welcomed to use it as a starter of any Asian or Italian inspired dinner party (beware, this meal contains garlic) as well. As it is so flavourful and hearty it is perfect for the days (or after) when you plant to have one or two glasses of wine. 
This recipe is simply very easy and very tasty. 

You will need: (for 2)

- your favourite pasta 
- 2 spoons of vegan butter (the best I ever tasted is naturli organic vegan butter)
- few cloves of garlic, grated (I use 4 large)
- 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 
- 1 tablespoon of vegan oyster sauce 
- dried or fresh chilli (leave some for garnish)

Optional to season on top with: 

- sesame oil 
- hacked and panned cashews 
- spring onions 
- grated carrots 


Cook your pasta based on the instructions on the pack or to your liking (well-salted pasta water is always good pasta water). 
NOTE: Before you drain your pasta make sure you save half a cup of the starchy pasta water. 

I a medium/large frying pan on medium/high heat add your vegan butter, garlic and chilli. Stir until the butter dissolves. Add your soy sauce and vegan oyster sauce. Stir all for a minute and set aside. 

Your pasta should be ready. Put aside some of the starchy water in a cup and drain your pasta. Add the pasta to your sauce and put on medium/high heat. Stir and let the pasta soak up your sauce. 
Taste and add any flavour you think is necessary (or more organic butter if you are feeling naughty). 

Serve on plates and decorate with (sesame oil, cashews, spring onions or grated carrots).

Enjoy :) 

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