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Homemade vegan and organic ,cheese, popcorn recipe 🍿

Best vegan and organic cheese popcorn recipe

The weekend is at full speed and there is nothing more perfect than sit down and snuggle up under a cosy blanket and watch some nice movie with your loved one (yes, I know I am an old fart, but hey!). Growing up in my country, cheese popcorn or cheese nachos was the obvious choice. I now live in a country where cheese popcorn is not a thing (well, it is actually nothing as it does not exist here, which turned out to be a great thing as now I can not have it and it also made me look for other options) so I created this recipe even before my cruelty-free journey. 

You will need: 

organic kernels (corn)
organic vegetable oils 
sea salt (finely milled)
nutritional yeast (engevita)
vegan butter (organic vegan nuterli butter)


organic dried turmeric powder 
small pinch of white pepper (the pepper is not necessary by taste but supercharges the 
                                                Tumeric benefits by 2000 % and who would say no to that - we 
                                                are basically doing something for our health eating this popcorn 

large pot with lid (the bigger the easier all gets as the popcorn expands in the making and it is easier to coat it with the seasoning after, too, but a smaller pot will make do, too)
big bowl for serving 

PRO TIP: Have you heard, that you can eat your popcorn with wooden chopsticks in order to eat more slowly and to keep your fingers clean? 


Put your pot on the stove and let it heat up on medium/high heat for about 1-2 minutes. 
Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the pot and your popcorn and cover with your lid. Shake your pot to coat all the kernels with the oil or stir with a wooden spatula. 

Leave on the heat and wait until the kernels start to pop. When the popcorn starts to pop leave on medium to medium-low heat. 

Meanwhile, in a bowl or pot melt your butter, add salt, Tumeric and pepper. Set aside. Have your nutritional yeast ready.

When the popcorn is popped (you will see it has expanded and when you hear that it takes about 3 sec for an additional kernel to pop you know it is time to take it off the heat as it would start to burn the rest of your popcorn, trust me I have found out the burnt way). 

Now it is time to slowly add your butter mix. Try to spread it out evenly as otherwise, only a few popcorns would soak up all that delicious vegan butter. Shake all well. Add your nutritional yeast gradually as well but you do not have to be as careful as with the nutritional yeast. 
Taste and add is anything is missing (salt, butter, nutritional yeast,....). 

Serve. Enjoy. 

NOTE: This popcorn will hold up to a few days as well. Just make sure you first let it cool down (so the moisture escapes) and then store in an airtight container.

Please, let me know if you had any new and better ideas with the recipe :) 


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