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How to be happier (and more eco-friendly or minimalist) Top 30 New Year resolutions of 2020

Eco friendly happy tips

It is quite an oxymoron that we are living in a time with really good health care and food and information are easily accessible to us (to most of us who are reading this post, yet so many are feeling empty and fragile and lacking purpose and well being. 

I have put together a few tips and tricks on how you could start to make the year 2020 a year fo change for the better. How to create a happier you but also happier mother Earth on the way. 

1. Start to say YES more often! :) 

2. Try to walk or cycle more. 

3. Do not go on diets or work out for vain reasons but for your health and stamina. 

4. Try to find times where you stay away from social media and your mobile phone.

5. Make your bed in the morning. It will help you to stay focused and motivated during the day (I did not believe this myself before I started) 

6. If you suffer from negative thoughts or depression try to keep a gratitude journal and put down 1-3 things you are grateful every day (your health, your family, food, animals, friends, free time, ....)

7. Unfollow from all who make you feel worse or make you buy things you do not need. 

8. Unsubscribe from all paper and email spam leaflets and emails. 

9. Read more. Pick up your favourite book from your childhood or one recommended to you. 

10. Try to stay away from single-use plastic as much as possible. 

11. Get a water bottle and start to drink more water. It will make wonders for your body and Earth. 

12. Do not strive to be perfect. It will never make you truly happy (in most cases) 

13. Say NO to fast fashion. Timeless classics which suit your body and colour will be the best bet.

14. Cook in batch and freeze your leftover food to save money but also to always have a healthy cooked meal on hand to prevent unhealthy and unethical eating.

15. Try to find a new hobby.

16. Introduce meat-free meals/days and try to minimise pork and beef as much as possible. 

17. Declutter your phone / computer / papers.

19. Think about the less fortunate and the elderly. Think about those who do not have a large social circle and extend yourself to them. 

20. Try to buy pre-owned. You will be able to afford much higher and lasting quality in this way and help mother earth in the process. 

21. Do not gossip in a negative way or be petty. 

22. Make unexpected turns in your city. You will find new beautiful places you never knew where there. 

23. Research your communal recycling centre / council on what you can and can not recycle in your area. 

24. Switch your energy provider to a cheaper and greener one. You will not believe how easy it is (it really is), how much you will save and how better you will feel that it will come from green sources and not fossil fuels ones.

25. Sell your unwanted items. You will free up space, make money and feel lighter and happier. 

26. Adopt do not shop. 

27. Always vote and educate people around you in a kind, understanding and respectful manner.

28. Create a mood board with all your wishes and motivations. It helps you stay on track and not to fill your day-to-day with mindless activities which will just make you depressed in the long run. 

29. Be kind. Always. But do not let people take advantage of you. And do not bully (No, not even on social media).

30. What would you add? Leave down in the comments.... Thank you.  🙂 🙏🏽

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