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8 FREE Children activities and ideas to do (fun and eco-friendly fun things to do with kids)

FREE fun children kid activities to do eco-friendly

1. free museums and exhibitions 
TIP: it is good to beforehand read a book/tell an interesting story (interesting to your children)
or watch a fairy tale/ movie/ documentary about the topic (or similar) in order to engage the children more and for them to make a good picture of the topic in their head.

2. cooking at home with a story (Indians, Italians, medieval, inspired by your last museum trip...)

3. camping in your backyard or living room 
TIP: you can pair this with the cooking as well (for example: playing stone abe people and eating a meal similar to foraging and eating it with your hands on the floor).

4. rehearsing a small play/song and video record it (as a future memory but also to send to all lonely relatives).

5. making decorations from items you have at home (Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, birthday decorations,...)

6. picnic in nature and play (badminton, baseball, football, playing fairies in the fields)and dressing for the part if possible

7. visiting an animal shelter and bringing them your old items (old blankets, towels,..) and offering to walk a child-friendly dog - adopting a rodent (vegan) to make your children happy, teach them to care for and love animals, saving a life from an uncertain future. PLEASE only adopt an animal if you can give it a happy life and you have read up on the species ahead and know what sort of life they need (can they live alone or do they need companions, are they a night creature? do they need a special diet?)

8. plant some seeds with your children. This is possible even if you do not have a garden as most seeds grow the best first at home. 
TIP: did you know you can save the seeds from your favourite tasting tomato and plant it directly or dry it and store it even for years later?)

Which tips was your favourite and do you have any other tips, too? 

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