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How to be more eco-friendly (minimalist TOP beginners tips)

Top Eco friendly tips


thank you for stopping by all my eco loving friends :) 
I have created eco-friendly tips divided into different categories which I hope will provide some new inspiration in your eco-friendly journey.

1) do not buy coffee pods, instead use a reusable coffee filter or a french press (amazing for straining your plant-based milk, too)
2) use a loofa (it is a plant) for washing your dishes (you can sanitise it in boiling water when needed)
3) try to reduce your meat consumption (especially beef and pork) Meat-free Mondays anyone?
4) clean your home with vinegar instead of products full of chemicals (buy your vinegar preferably in a glass jar)
5) use reusable napkins, kitchen towels and produce bags (for fruit and vegetables)
6) use reusable straws or do not use straws at all
7) freeze your leftover food in order to always have something quick available and reduce waste
8) do not buy bottled water but opt for a water filter instead

1) try to take shorter showers
2) use a bamboo toothbrush (the handle is biodegradable/compostable and bristles are recyclable)
3) use a loofa (it is a plant) as a shower sponge/scrubber (you can sanitise it in boiling water when needed)
4) switch to a shampoo bar, conditioner bar, body wash bar, face wash bar, butter block, deodorant bar
5) clean your home with vinegar instead of products full of chemicals (buy your vinegar in a glass jar)
6) use reusable menstrual pads, moon cup, cotton pads, facial cloths, handkerchiefs, steel razor (make sure you care well for the blades so they do not rust)
7) keep plants in your bathroom as they will help you keep the air clean and fresh
8) use essential oils if you want to keep the bathroom smelling nice instead of toxic sprays

1) try to buy produce in season from local farmers
2) carry a reusable bag with you (that way you will always be prepared)
3) look for sustainably sourced fish and seafood
4) say no to pesticides and herbicides and try to buy (as much as you can afford) organic (especially the dirty dozen produce)
5) say NO to fast fashion
6) if you have a bulk/zero waste shop in your area count your blessings and shop there:)
7) start to carry produce bags for fruits and vegetables
8) try to boycott single-use plastic as much as possible

1) take part in petitions (one voice is often not heard but it can change laws if many participate)
2) try to boycott single-use plastic as much as possible
3) try to be a good role model for your surroundings and try to influence more people by your example
4) Unsubscribe from all paper mail possible (especially junk mail and catalogues)
5) educate yourself on how to recycle properly (I was shocked myself what all can be recycled and what I do wrong)
6) try to still keep your phone/notebook for a little longer as their production is very harmful to the earth
7) try to switch some of your holidays abroad for a staycation. Your country is beautiful, too! :)

1) carry a reusable bag with you (that way you will always be prepared)
2) stop buying convenience food outside and pack your own meals or bring your own meal box/coffee mug/cutlery/reusable napkin to use instead of single-use plastic
3) walk, bike or use public transport if you can (instead of a car)
4) have a steel/titanium water bottle to drink from (can be used at home or out and about) eco-friendly and keeps your drink hot or cold for hours
5) you can often refill your water bottle for free in malls, offices or stations 
6) never litter. You do not know how much harm that can cause nature or animals. Even better, if you can pick up trash you see, too.

8) sell or donate your unwanted items. You can be sitting on a small fortune of unwanted things at home
9) Be bee-friendly 🐝 plant flowers, fruits or floral trees (flowers are a great option for your balcony, for example, lavender)
10) If you have a garden start a compost for your scraps and collect rainwater in a barrel
11) when buying new clothes (try not to) look for mainly bamboo material (it is super soft) or organic cotton
12) vote for leaders who share a similar view as you regarding the preservation and survival of our mother earth

Please share in the comments which changes you are about to try and which ones will be trickier to handle. No one is perfect but if there are a will and desire, then you are already on the right track. 

Personally, my favourite swaps have been: cleaning with infused vinegar, striving towards a plant-based diet, freezing my meals (so they are always on hand so one saves money and also stays away from unhealthy convenient foods), keeping plants to clean the air and add oxygen, carrying a reusable bag and bottle, saying NO to fast fashion and buying pre-owned.

I am finding it still hard to totally boycott single-use plastic but try my best also I still find it very hard to implement more walking and biking into my life as well as giving up travelling.

Thank you for reading. 


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